Developing People

Growing Business

"Just like cutting hair or performing a facial, they're professional skills that are trained and practised.

The 4 Rs are revenue skills, and they are essential to train and practice if a salon or spa is to succeed."

Caroline Turner



Recommending services

(Cross-promotion and Up-selling)


Salon Team Training aims to assist salons and spa to achieve 

Client Retention 70 - 90%

Retail Sales 20% +

Average business growth 26%

Salon Team Training

Designed to develop teams in the 4 Rs of Revenue.

The Revenue Newsletter

Revenue focus hints, tips and techniques on how to increase revenue in the salon and spa industry.

Julie Cross Interview

I’ll be creating a salon owner course during this time of lockdown – developing skills to support the industry I love. But that’s not enough. I want to inspire you, give you more in this challenging time. I HAD A CRAZY IDEA I contacted everyone I know personally or respect as the BEST in the…

Are you taking pictures of the back of clients heads?

Let’s start with a question. What do you want to achieve by taking a picture of the back of a person’s head? If the photo is for other professionals in the industry who can look at the technical work, the skills to produce the incredible result, then that photo is perfect. However, if taking the picture…

Business coach Carla Jones Joins me to discuss the salon and spa industry

Joining me is the incredible Carla Jones. I’ve admired Carla’s straight-talking powerful message she shares with the industry. “I’m an industry artist and passionate professional FIRST and have spent the past 25+ years preparing for the role I have now. I crave success for myself and for those I work with and for. One thing…

The Daily Meeting, Video 7 in the TAG series

It’s a very good responsibility (over time) to delegate the meeting, so its not the owner or manager EVERYDAY, saying the same thing everyday! Its quick, to the point, focused to informing teams of what needs to happen, and inspire a team to be ready. Clients want to have fun, have a pleasurable experience so…

Salon Memberships

It was so exciting to welcome Phil Jackson to a LIVE show this morning to talk about Salon Memberships. I’ve wanted to cover this topic for some time, however, I felt it was essential to have an expert with years of experience. I believe sincerely this is an essential revenue tool that every salon can…

Taking pictures of clients heads? Part 2 What to write

You have a great photo with the stylist and client ready to share to social media, what are you going to write? Avoid industry jargon Use questions Headlines and lists Benefits and stories Call to action In this digital age, 89% of customers search online before making booking or buying (Digital Influence Index 2012). People will click…

Request Targets and Culture must STOP!

  Request Targets and Culture Must STOP! Over the years I’ve come to HATE the culture of request building. When it comes to making money it has to be as a team. A group of people working together with a common purpose. It’s about US – WE and OUR goal. The request culture however, just breeds ME –…

Who are you marketing too?

Getting new clients is hard work and expensive,  15 to 20% more expensive then marketing to existing clients. According to figures by Marketing Metrics new clients also spend LESS MONEY.   So if a salon or spa IS going to market too new clients its essential to use marketing methods to get the right clients.…

What to put in the window

Any public area such as the shop window on a street, a shopping mall or a display units inside a hotel, or sports club can make you money IF you know how. It’s a revenue hot spot. This is a series of articles focused on sharing techniques and knowledge to increase revenue using public space, if…

Marketing your salon or spa is a complete waste of time and money!

Marketing your salon or spa is a complete waste of time and money! WHY? 80% of the clients may walk away and never return! Marketing can be hard work and expensive, research shows its up to 5-15% MORE expensive then working with people who already know your salon or spa. So why do I say…