Developing People

Growing Business

"Just like cutting hair or performing a facial, they're professional skills that are trained and practised.

The 4 Rs are revenue skills, and they are essential to train and practice if a salon or spa is to succeed."

Caroline Turner



Recommending services

(Cross-promotion and Up-selling)


Salon Team Training aims to assist salons and spa to achieve 

Client Retention 70 - 90%

Retail Sales 20% +

Average business growth 26%

Salon Team Training

Designed to develop teams in the 4 Rs of Revenue.

The Revenue Newsletter

Revenue focus hints, tips and techniques on how to increase revenue in the salon and spa industry.

Julie Cross Interview

I’ll be creating a salon owner course during this time of lockdown – developing skills to support the industry I love. But that’s not enough. I want to inspire you, give you more in this challenging time. I HAD A CRAZY IDEA I contacted everyone I know personally or respect as the BEST in the…

Part 3 – Award Winning Salon Owner Claire Denyer Interview

Part 3 – Claire talks about Letting go, “I can’t do everything this business needs”. Delegation and developing a team so they can use their initiative and grow professionally. Trusting the team to make changes, my way isn’t the only way Systems and training How my health meant I had to re-invent my role In…

Who are you marketing too?

Getting new clients is hard work and expensive,  15 to 20% more expensive then marketing to existing clients. According to figures by Marketing Metrics new clients also spend LESS MONEY.   So if a salon or spa IS going to market too new clients its essential to use marketing methods to get the right clients.…

What COLOR goes in a POP window to make money

The biggest investment made each year in marketing for most salons and spas is the shop front. If the business has a public presence and people passing the window it is potentially the biggest marketing opportunity, its paid for space. If it’s paid for and can make money, big money, the question is it being maximized? Is…

Can we Reduce No Shows and Late Cancellations?

It’s a bug bare that every salon and spa across the industry and the world faces, clients who have booked in and then don’t show up or cancel at the last minute impacting the finances of the business. It can be VERY frustrating. I’m going to share 3 neurological and psychological techniques that are simple to use but can have a powerful effect on…

The Salon Success Equation

Revenue = Ability – Limited Thinking The money a salon (or spa) generates is dependant on the servers ability to perform the service and understanding how to work with people. In Ability, the service skill is equal to 15% of success and understanding people 85% In understanding people, I train this as a mix of…

Record Breaking Teams – Video 5 in TAG series

For me high up on the staff room wall was a very special place. The team and individual personal best. As well as, the salon or spa record, plus each departments records (hair / beauty). I’m looking for every small win I can get for the team. I want the pleasure, dopamine hit, to increase…

Salon Based Pay V’s Commission

Neil Decoff, the founder of Strategies, joined me to talk about salon and spa pay. There are only a few professionals from the business side of our incredible industry that I respect and would recommend. I’ve been training in our industry personally for 20 years, and Neil, Strategies is one of the only companies I…

STOP giving your team a retail target, it’s like a road to nowhere!

If it’s a battle to get the team behind retail and your business is not enjoying 20-30-40% or more in retail revenue then I know what I would do. STOP giving the team a retail target – The team needs a DIFFERENT target! Watch instead of read I’m Caroline Turner founder of The Salon Money…

Are you charging the right price to make a profit?

Knowing how to calculate pricing is key to profit. Far to often business owners base their pricing on what other businesses are charging in the local area without really knowing if that price is right to cover their costs or even make a profit! When it comes to price there shouldn’t be guess work! Opening…