Developing People

Growing Business

"Just like cutting hair or performing a facial, they're professional skills that are trained and practised.

The 4 Rs are revenue skills, and they are essential to train and practice if a salon or spa is to succeed."

Caroline Turner



Recommending services

(Cross-promotion and Up-selling)


Salon Team Training aims to assist salons and spa to achieve 

Client Retention 70 - 90%

Retail Sales 20% +

Average business growth 26%

Salon Team Training

Designed to develop teams in the 4 Rs of Revenue.

The Revenue Newsletter

Revenue focus hints, tips and techniques on how to increase revenue in the salon and spa industry.

Teams and Incentives, Video 6 In the T.A.G Series

I’ve heard over the years business owners say “its their job, people today expect rewards for everything”. Whilst there is an element of truth in this kind of statement, it’s also important to know, incentives and positive reinforcement SPEEDS UP development, success is quicker, BUT only if incentives are done right. The point is to…

How to Improve Team Performance

  In this series of articles and Live video’s I will be sharing some key habits that leaders can use to improve and develop team performance.   And the subject of this article… The Danger of Labels Watch the video below or read on What is labeling and why is it dangerous in business? Labeling…

Daily Live – Salon Window Marketing

Every day I film LIVE and share on my Facebook and YouTube channel Sign up for more so you don’t miss out Sign up for the Revenue Newsletter and receive revenue generating hints, tips and techniques You’ll also receive a link to gain assess too; The 7 Killer Sales Mistakes in the Salon and Spa Industry Ebook How…

The Biggest Marketing Tool

The Biggest Marketing Tool I hear it so often from salon and spa owners, I need or want more clients, where would you spend your marketing money, what works? Should I use social media, magazines, website, flyers or offers, discounts? Where do I put my money? But often the simplest method of getting more clients is right…

How I got 4 NEW clients an HOUR

How I got 4 NEW clients an hour with this simple little trick Want to know how? Well watch the video below or keep reading and I’ll tell you what you need to do to increase inquiries.   Inquiries … why not bookings? Well, the number of bookings will be down to how well the…

Leadership Marketing for Salon and Spas

The goal of Leadership Marketing is not to create sales heavy content or posts, the aim is to be viewed as knowledgeable and willing to help clients. Recently I presented three days training covering how to get more QUALITY clients into salons and spas with; Referrals, Reviews and Ratings During the course, I briefly spoke about…

The Salon Success Equation

Revenue = Ability – Limited Thinking The money a salon (or spa) generates is dependant on the servers ability to perform the service and understanding how to work with people. In Ability, the service skill is equal to 15% of success and understanding people 85% In understanding people, I train this as a mix of…

7 Simple Techniques – Speed up Salon Team Growth

   TEAM – AIM – GO   Lets Play TAG! Watch instead of read I’m Caroline Turner, founder of The Salon Money Maker and for over 20 years I’ve been supporting salon and spa to speed up team growth I also share revenue focused techniques, in the Revenue Newsletter, so do remember to signup so…

Michael Levine, salon and academy owner, presenter joined me to chat about success in the salon industry.

How to get MORE client referrals easily!

A lovely lady asked about client referrals, so here is 2 simple techniques to get MORE client referrals. Watch the video or carry on reading. Friends and family referrals really is the most powerful marketing. People we trust. We know they would NEVER send us to a restaurant, holiday resort and of course a salon…