Caroline Turner

The Salon Money Maker started in 2010 founded by myself, Caroline Turner.

I've been involved in salon and spa training and revenue development for over 20 years.

I train salon and spa teams to feel confident with the 4 Rs of Revenue.

Retention of Clients - Retail - Recommending Services - Referrals  

I created Salon Team Training, Live and Online, specifically for Salon and Spa professionals because I believe it's the missing link in the industry.

The online course covers everything a salon or spa professional needs to know to succeed with clients.

Increasing the frequency of clients visits and average spend, key for financial growth.

My Journey

I started working in the industry in 1990 before joining Steiner Transocean Ltd in 1993, one of the world's most financially successful spa companies.

In 1999, after several years as a spa manager, I was promoted to Steiner Revenue Trainer.

I was responsible for training every new Steiner employee from across the world in the skills of how to succeed with clients.


After several years I was again promoted to the role of the Steiner Management Trainer.

I worked with experienced Steiner staff and spa managers worldwide, supporting their development as team leaders.

These two roles started my research and development of training courses specifically for the hair and beauty industry, designed to develop the skills to make money and keep clients wanting more.

After 12 incredible years with Steiner, I joined Saks Franchise Services as the Southern Operations Manager, the UK’s largest Hair and Beauty group.

The experience expanded my knowledge of the industry, working directly with up to 50 salon owners across the South of England as their business adviser.

Continuing to be involved with training, I re-designed and presented the company’s 2-week residential management training course and was involved with developing owners and team members across the UK.

Since 2010 I've worked independently with salon owners, business leaders and other experts from across the world.

I developed the online course; Salon Team Training, How to Succeed with Clients to allow every salon and spa the freedom to build high-performance team members at the touch of a button.