Are you charging the right price to make a profit?

Knowing how to calculate pricing is key to profit. Far to often business owners base their pricing on what other businesses are charging in the local area without really knowing if that price is right to cover their costs or even make a profit!

When it comes to price there shouldn’t be guess work! Opening and running a service based business is hard work and never stops! The business is only as good as its previous week or last client. For ALL that hard work there must be a reward whether that’s owning a nice house, holidays, private education for children and of course long term a pension.

The guide below will assist in checking that the pricing is correct, but must be based on factual and accurate figures.

Having up to date accounts is critical to the business and with the advances in online bookkeeping and accounting is now a reality, no longer should accounts be a once year or quarterly event.

Understanding the profit and loss accounts is not an option for ANY business owner and a business tool to protect and control the business so it makes money.

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