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Developing the 4 R's of revenue

Retention - Recommending Services - Retail - Referrals

The Revenue Newsletter

Sharing revenue making techniques, hints and tips.

Specific ways to increase a salon or spas revenue. 

Benefits of Training Online


Training can fit around clients appointments,  if there's a gap, then training can begin. Available 24-7 at the touch of a button via smart phone, computer or tablet


Savings are a key attraction, a business can save between 50-70% in training costs. Training works around appointments reducing lost revenue but allowing continuous training

Easy to Use

Open an Internet browser and employees are up and running. Training can start in a matter of seconds.

Employer of Choice

People want opportunities to grow.  Offering training makes a salon or spa a place people want to work and stay.

Return on Investment

Training online increase productivity on average by 26%.

Employees Feel Valued

When a business invests in training, staff members feel they have opportunities to develop, improve and grow, improving staff morale.

Our Training

Salon Team Training is focused to developing team members understanding of how to make money in a way that doesn't feel like selling.

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Why Work With Us

Caroline Turner has been designing team revenue training, how to make money since 1999 with some of the worlds most successful spa and salon groups.

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The Revenue Newsletter

Revenue generating hints, tips and techniques.


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