Charity and Community Links

What do you do and market to show you're part of the community and support charities?

So at the weekend, I joined others in my community to litter pick.

It can feel like we get loads of requests from charities as a salon owner and FEEL like we don't get anything or much from donating.

Linking with charities is not only good for the soul, making a difference, but it's good for business.

Whether a salon links with one or two specific charities or schools for the long term(years), hosting events, cake sales, sponsored a run, donating prizes, parachute jumps.

A local *school that clients would appreciate the support and a charity that many would support.

*school - if your client base is 25 and over the % with kids, grandkids nieces or nephews will be high. Supporting the local school/s is positive.

Every time the salon gives to a charity, school or hosts anything, it must be marketed as part of awareness.

Around 34-35% of your local community will be attracted to a business who supports charities and schools.

As potential NEW clients look at your website and social media linking with charities is attractive.

It tells people the sort of people you are, part of the community and caring.

There is a specific personality 34-35% of your population who value this ethical and caring link.

I call them in my online training course;

Friendship Client

They are nervous to try a new salon so seeing you are good people helps them feel more confident to try you.

So every time you get a request for a raffle doesn't see it as the prize brings you a new client, it might not.

It's posting a picture informing your main social media pages that you've given.

That's where it helps indirectly to grow your business but also freed the soul.