Daily Live – Dealing with Complaints

Did you know only 5% of clients will make a complaint, the other unhappy clients will just leave and never return!

No business can please all the people all the time and teams, ever with strong training will mess up because they're human.

How a business handles a complaint is key, and in this video I cover 4 simple steps to handle complaints, its called LAST because its the LAST change to save the relationship and learn from the experience.

Complaints are an opportunity to learn and improve the business IF we're willing to listen.

Having a policy in place and available for clients to find about how the salon or spa will deal with complaints also helps prevent that straight "I want a refund".

As a salon owner myself in the past I wanted the opportunity to met with the person, review what happened, investigate the complaint and fix the issue.

Dealing with complaints is going to happen, how we handle the complaint can set us as a business as the professionals.

But handle it poorly or allow emotions to kick in it can be a battle, and its not a battle that we can win. Not only will the client leave, and getting new clients IS expensive but the fail out in ratings and social media sharing can damage the business.

So, policy in place and then use LAST, it really works,

Is it BAD to have a few poor scores on your ratings? No, its a good thing to have a few so don't panic! The reason its good I explain in the video but in short. If you have nothing but positive people question "are they real?" the odd poor rating empowers the scores "they must be real".

If someone has give a poor rating respond professionally but smile, they do you a favour!

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