Generation millennial are no different – fact!

I've had a REAL issue with the whole Millennial's are different, and finally I found some HARD evidence to back up what I've been shouting about!

I feel it IS very important as business owners not to join in with this name calling of human beings.


When we label people is actually effects how WE behaviour and feel. So, if you're ever tempted to say, think or write just stop for a moment.

Labeling increases our frustration with the person, its like putting them under a microscope and suddenly we see only the persons faults.

Labeling damages relationships and leaves little room for communication. Its the behaviour that we don't like not every signal person born between 1981–1996!

Demographers and researchers typically use the different names (generation x, baby boomers) instead of writing the years they were born. That's ALL the name is meant for.

But a "person" made a video about how the generation are the worse and everyone jumped on the band wagon to put down a whole generation, madness and completely wrong in my view.

And finally I found some research involving 4 million people that confirms what I've been saying.

So if you employee people be careful not to label. Here would be some of my key points to remember, and I speak with 30 years of experience in developing teams.


1 - Communication is essential but it must be specific!

Non specific communication will mean team members doing what they think you mean, which may not be what we wanted.


So, communicate specifically if you want something done by others. See my post why don't they do what we ask 

I share a great story... The bleached cups! Here's a little piece from the article...

I was training a salon owners business course many years ago, they had just completed the same exercise and as we finished going though the answers a salon owner with 15 years experience started banging his head on the desk, when he finished he said...

"all these years I've been so frustrated with the team but the whole time it was me, not them"


Specific communication is key, it lowers stress and frustration with the team and jobs get done the way we want faster.


2 - Time!

Everything we do without having to think hard is a habit, from how we behaviour and work, heck everything!


From brushing our teeth, walking, speaking, cutting hair, waxing ANYTHING we can do that is easy, we don't think about it is an automatic habit.

Habits take 19 to 252 days to build, so have a team member with habits you don't like, want or need to develop / change it will take time.


A salon leader needs to train - redirect - repeat, and that can be frustrating. We can feel like a parrot.


So the next step is redirecting unwanted behaviour, never let it slide.


If we say nothing we "gunny sack" and at some point we explode, and that's not effective leadership, fun or healthy!


But good news, I have a post all about the most effect way to quickly redirect unwanted behavior


But it will take time, you can speed up habit building (I cover that in my team online course), but 19 - 254 days to build habits.


Dealing with unwanted behaviour - The post


Staff Under 25 - They're still growing, we just can't see it!


My final point, there's nothing anyone can do to change this one BUT I feel its important to know!


We take for granted that humans finish growing at 18 but its actually 25!


The body stops growing at around 18 but the final growth is in the brain, AND its the frontal cortex that needs to develop and that's linked too;


Problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, social and sexual behavior AND empathy

So what does that mean for business owners and managers, well there are ways to speed up young peoples development but that's perhaps for another day!


Young people will make mistakes and behave sometimes in ways that blow our mind! Because they are young, inexperienced and the brain hasn't finished developing.


Deal with unwanted behaviour by redirecting, is very effective (worth reading the article) and the more we train and redirect when needed the faster we get the results we want, the brain / person learns. But make it fun, having fun speeds up development.


Sometimes people will join team who have habits (behaviour) we DO NOT want and no matter how many times we speak / document what needs to improve it just won't happen.


Then its time to follow employment law to remove the person from the team.


If you have young, inexperienced people in your business;

Communicate specifically, train and redirect unwanted behaviour and yes you will need to keep repeating till the habits built!


The difference between the last 3 generations at work are so small they hold little or no impact to business; don't believe me?


"These findings, based on more than four million completed surveys, give the lie to loudly-voiced concerns that special challenges are posed by millennial workers. Far from being radically different from workers of preceding generations, millennial are very similar in what they want from work." By Nick Haslam Professor of Psychology, University of Melbourne

Read the full article

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