Part 3 – Award Winning Salon Owner Claire Denyer Interview

Part 3 – Claire talks about

Letting go, “I can’t do everything this business needs”. Delegation and developing a team so they can use their initiative and grow professionally.

Trusting the team to make changes, my way isn’t the only way

Systems and training

How my health meant I had to re-invent my role

In part 2 Claire and I talk about;

Managing expectations of apprentices

The importance of the apprentice position

Staff appearance and the impact on salon business

Dealing with unwanted behaviour

Team standards and behaviour

Team training, critical to the success of the salon

The Client Journey, breaking down the steps

12-week appraisals, the six-week catch-up and new/growing staff weekly meeting

In part 1 Claire and I talked about;

Staff recruitment and apprenticeships (Claire has trained 45 in the last 12 years)

Working on purpose and with ethics to be happy.

Open communication with the team in the good times and the tough and

Investing in the team to keep staff long term