The Salon Success Equation

Revenue = Ability - Limited Thinking

The money a salon (or spa) generates is dependant on the servers ability to perform the service and understanding how to work with people.

In Ability, the service skill is equal to 15% of success and understanding people 85%

In understanding people, I train this as a mix of client personalities, communication skills, and knowing how to recommend professionally AKA selling (without selling out).

However, then we come to Limited Thinking

As Henry Ford famously said -

If you say you can, you can. If you say you can't, you can't, and either way is right.

I learnt a LONG time ago; the mindset of each team member is key to revenue and developing a high-performance team.

When I led teams I'd watch and listen to how team members responded to challenges, was their thinking limiting their success…

I would sit down and tell them (nicely) because most people don't even know they have limited thinking.

To hit a salon or spas revenue, that blows targets out of the water, a high-performance team or individual, it must start with the mindset.

For me, it's so essential; it has its own module in my online training, The Power Mindset.

Just changing team members mindset can have an instead impact on figures. One team having only completed module one went from an average 15% retail to 85%.

"The mind can set the limit of success, change the mind, and there is no limit."


The Salon Success Equation

Revenue = Ability - Limited Thinking

The Salon Success Equation